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Despite the economic downturn – employees are still getting injured on the job and employers are still struggling to manage the employee post injury. One of the key aspects of workers compensation injury management is having an effective return to work program that is not only strategic but aligns with proactive human resources policies, says Margaret Spence, President of Douglas Claims & Risk Consultants, Inc. and the driving force behind

As corporate budgets tightened and companies looked for ways to cut cost, the resources available to manage workers compensation injuries also took a huge hit. Some companies laid off risk managers, cut workers comp staff and delegated injury management to human resources professional already stressed with other duties.

Coupled with the economic downturn, employers are also faced with a new reality, workers compensation can be the beginning of employment litigation. So, if I’m the HR Manager struggling to get injured employees back to work – where do I turn to access information? If there no money in the budget to hire a consultant, If I can not relying on my insurance carrier for strategic guidance and my insurance agent doesn’t have the answers – what are my options? provides immediate answers to injury management challenges.

Making workers compensation injury management information accessible and affordable for all employers is our goal,” says Spence. The new site is aimed at providing real-time injury management and return to work techniques to employers of any size and in any industry. When it comes to injury management – large employers have the same challenges at small employers. Having the right resources at the right time can make the difference in any workers compensation claim. focuses on linking workers compensation return to work strategies with proactive human resources policies. The website will offer employers:

  • State specific return to work information
  • Sample policies and procedures
  • Articles and Implementation Guides
  •  Training, Webcasts and Seminars
  • Community Forum
  • Templates and Tools
  • Case Studies and much more

The ongoing challenge for employers, navigating the state workers compensation system, accessing the right information when they have questions and creating proactive policies that reduce their exposure to litigation – is the solution to the challenge of getting injured employees back to work successfully.

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