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Honestly, there’s no secret about your return to work program. Most companies are in one of  four categories:

  • Category 1:   We have some semblance of a light duty policy, but we don’t control our injuries. For our company its simple we report the claim to the insurance company and they “handle it”!
  • Category 2:   Injured employees at our company are told to go home until they get better – most of them disappear into the midnight.
  • Category 3:  We have a return to work program, but employees still manipulate our system, avoid returning to work and if they show up they complain so much we finally send them home.
  • Category 4:  Companies who think they have everything under control – until they encounter that one employee who pushes them over the edge. Or they have a supervisor who refuses to accommodate the injured worker or the employee says “My lawyer told me not to do that” – then your in the same boat as everyone else.

If you notice I don’t have a category that says, “we have everything under control” – our return to work program is perfect. Honestly, that category does not exist. There’s always one employee who will attempt to circumvent the best written policy, forcing your company into one of the above categories.

Until now – you were navigating alone down the “Return to Work Road” – encountering the bumps, bruises and pitfalls without a roadmap or support system. We offer you the strength of our community and the most comprehensive online return to work resources available today.

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